Sunday, July 2, 2017

Love Me Love My Sconce

Planted parsley
regular and also French
inside the old tire with its nail
placed beside the dahlia
years ago I lost my ring from Finland
the one Seija gave me from her class
and there it was just sitting by a tomato

If you don't believe in miracles
then you should really change
because now you have proof
every little thing will find its way
and I mean before and after

Last night I watched the famous chef
walk around in gardens in your neighborhood
checking on strawberries and peaches
slicing them open and arranging things
that is life a lot of the time wishing for

The great thing about here is the cloud cover
from the ocean of course and you have it too--

tonight I'll be back with my sconces
gazing at their serene faces
I won't ask them for anything
because that is what I already have