Sunday, March 26, 2017

Four Corner Madness

Once I was lost out there on my turquoise bike
looking for the buttes which were not to be seen
on the horizon there wasn't any and that was when
I was truly lost for a few hours in the dark and rain
now I know this is over by where a new path runs
right along the boulevard that bike long gone from
when I worked at the deli and some goons took it
ran it over in their car for fun them and their losers

It is not my home but I've tried to make it homey
with primroses in front of our door along with sage
lavender and a rose that does not do well although
it should the smell of the river and blossoms
driving me nearly mad each time I step outside
because that is where home announces itself
no matter which part of town there is dogwood
maybe daffodils have a scent it is mostly willows

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