Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Decision

Thankful for the small pleasures of routine, I got on a Prussian blue horse to ride to the lonely Sunset Opera Pink which was across town, and a place I could walk to, but I decided it would be faster this way and I wouldn’t be late. There were some problems at the door and I had to swipe my own card, not follow anyone in on theirs: security was that tight. A guy even pushed me away when I tried to follow him in, thinking he was one of us, but he wasn’t, even though he worked there, too. I said, don’t touch me as he basically shut the door on me and once underground, I turned into permanent alizarin crimson because Terre Verte had been listening a few feet away. Wasn’t anything private anymore? Was this caught on a hidden camera, as well, Cascade Green and English Red Earth probably having themselves a fine chuckle at this very minute. Hey, hello, I said to my friend (also transparent) whose name was Anthraquinoid Scarlet. He told me a story about Smalt Genuine and it was a whopper. But I wasn’t listening. I was beginning to develop a small crush on Moonglow who was now walking with Viridian (again) when they met at the corner, the one painted Rare Green Earth with Lunar Black. I thought of Mars Yellow, floating down the hallway with only my implements. I moved this way and that. Payne’s Gray shone behind the widows and I thought, yes, that’s why I am here, that’s what draws me again and again. Pompei Red and Buff Titanium. Their stations made their small sounds echo in the large space.

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