Sunday, February 26, 2017

It Was New

Whatever happened there was new each day. A small pile of debris would be where the area was clear the night before. The same chairs and tables. Stools. That coin and that pencil. There could be detected in the air a slight noise like shifting or shuffling. It was the camera and what was supposed to be a smoke alarm. Of course no fire would occur in the cement building. Dust was the main problem plus shed skin and hair. Fingerprints. Gum. All the fast food containers littering the cans too narrow too geometric to imagine those meals only holding them against the plastic bag becoming less fresh with each passing hour how could it be when it was changed so often so the smell would be gone making way for fresh air inside is a desert now and the empty barbershop chairs brought over from the E.M.U. sit empty and waiting and heavy.

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