Sunday, June 19, 2016

Living (In Cougar Country)

The old marsh is a guideline-- follow it to firecracker, yarrow, willow, cottonwood. In cougar country (firecracker, yarrow) be alert when sitting quietly or stopping to rest. Be especially alert at dawn and dusk (the path). Because people take leave of their senses even following these guidelines. You can further your risk (how far do we need to go?) your dog at home (a guideline). Keep children close. Teach them to be cautious at dusk (the old marsh) to be cautious at dawn (could you tell me?) to be especially alert at dawn and dusk. Stay calm and stand your ground (what you just said). Maintain direct eye contact. Pick up any children but do so without bending back. Slowly away. Never turn your voice back. If the cougar seems aggressive raise your arms making yourself look larger just by clapping. Remember not to run.

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