Thursday, December 3, 2015

Unmolding Bavarians

Bavarians cling to the sides of a mold with powerful suction.  It is usually enough to dip the mold in hot water for 15-20 seconds (30 seconds for a frozen Bavarian) and then invert it onto a serving platter.  If the Bavarian remains stuck in the mold, keep it inverted over the platter, lift one side of the mold a little bit, and insert your finger between the mold and the Bavarian to break the suction.  The Bavarian should slip right out of the mold and onto the plate. 

--from Dessert University, Roland Mesnier, Simon Schuster, 2004

The herd did not want her

did not stand still

their hooves growing coats      thick

needing rocks       meadows    winter

mud   rivers                    while she

was away.


This took some time      getting         used to

as it             always        did.  The young ones

now immune to her        particular    disease

now forming         their own regroupings    divisions.


Was it         always        this way?  Was     she

the odd addition   swimming   across

where it was         t        o        o                 w       i         d        e

getting         carried        further



taking longer & longer to get back

each time.

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