Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Rip, The Tear

My job at the collage factory didn't pay that well but I was not one to look down my nose at minimum wage.  Plus the overtime.  That's time and-a-half for all you white collars, all you gamers out there. Mostly, the data is what got me into the sweetness of OT to begin with.  Counting each tear, measuring the white part of a rip (collages are made of paper, sometimes old batteries and what have you, sometimes used Suns with a Moon or two).  Numbers add up unless you use subtraction. Division is another matter entirely.  Let's just say that isn't my job.  Multiplying--now we're talkin'.

To tell you the truth, I'm saving up for a new Skidoo.  It's so I can skedaddle on outa here.  Please don't breathe a word.  I wouldn't want that to get around.  I mean, I do have my image.

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