Thursday, November 5, 2015

Their Bomb Shelter

I just remember it home made
so we didn't have to go over to the church
my dad thought we would drown over there
because of the water pipes he was right in a way
where the paters lived it did flood another bomb

damaged their place that part
it goes all the way down to the cellar
that was the official bomb shelter you can't explain
helter-skelter you would be trapped rubble dirt cement
things falling over

I remember when my dad and (and Polish prisoners) went and took
a wardrobe, a Kleidershrank into the bomb shelter the nice clothes
of everybody it was a bomb shelter supposed to protect you my
beautiful red dress was in shreds after I was really sad about it

I really have the dark hair my cousin had dark hair also and her
sister hated her didn't speak to her and her son and my dad
was the blond one there was so much seething hatred
even royals got bombed had to fight warriors to the end

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