Friday, November 6, 2015

Embroidery Pattern #1972

Lots of work in the principality.
Orders from Albert:

Mend the aprons, hoist the sails, we never use aqua, pink, or brown
in our embroidery our design is of the caribou
and they’re always on the move.

 My own project was building a round stone
somewhat like papier-mâché
from Die Sieben Geisslein, The Seven Little Goats

they sewed a stone into the belly of a wolf
when he was sleeping so he couldn’t move--

 only heavy as lead a small planet or moon with layers.

 They say life is like an onion or is that art?  
I made

a miniature of the bomb nobody knew about

until Mom began telling us up in Nome
while the TV channel showed footage of Vietnam

while Dad was gone on trips to frozen villages and their  small islands.


got the parts about surviving but thought those
came with instructions whispered by Albert only she could hear

because they were coming from nowhere else.  Dad didn’t know
until a decade later when Mom decided to tell him. 


pointing to objects in the air only she could see dropping.
Then falling down in the snow fort built of blocky chunks

right by the shipping container I made into a play house

tried my hand at sleeping there at forty below
giving up and going in only at pitch dark. Our neighbors

were into Elvis and Evel Knievel.  We let them play.


  1. Well, I'll follow this fine pattern and see what I can make of it.

    Like it a lot, Susan.

  2. Wow, your skill is very excellent. That's so great. I think your are using an Best Embroidery Machine Reviews 2015 for your working.

  3. Actually, I got it free in my Jack Spicer Collage Kit, thanks!

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