Sunday, October 11, 2015

Dear Tina

How lucky we were that summer of no parents
where you and I could act young especially me
our sweatshirts saving us again and again from
elements the Lower Fork's deception you forgot
that's what you said although who could believe
a particular seven month-sized stone lived inside me
all those years.  How it hid there like the dickens
how I ignored it even when it was discovered.
To be hiding an organic mystery seemed no big deal.
Even now I think of Doctor B and even H and remember
how they had to go on their family vacations.  Aspen
and Disney.  The Internet said that to be enormously
liked by others it is important to listen not interrupt.
There was also some junk about repetition and reinforcing
but that's ounces too much like teaching which I would
rather avoid for the time being.  Your hometown is waiting
to hear.  How splendid is your silence.  The tarp is open.
Now please get in this time before the others start
screaming.  Charley horses.  Catching light in the dark.

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