Tuesday, September 29, 2015

An Open Letter To My Friends At The Illuminati

FYI Friends,
Please include this in the next newsletter
Secret Information for your eyes only!
I go by Ms. instead of Mr.
And I HUMBLY ask of you WTF
do you find so magnetic about my courageous
yet heartfelt poem, the ever so beautiful
"Toadstools" about a small, innocent Oregon
boom-bust mill town?  About the pizza parlor?
I must admit that I've never seen such a gigantic
American flag, either, blighting the I-5
Corridor I mean room suite wing chateau
palace mansion castle national park.  Lake.
Satan could get pizza, shop at Goodwill personally
THEN praise everything the freeway desires--
swinging back round for hot fudge at McDonald's.
There, now I really said it!  Membership pending
I mean canceling I mean the mill burnt down
how many times now rebuilt each time
fewer cars outside the front by the landscaping
lots of bark mulch even some lavender.

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