Saturday, August 8, 2015

Eau Plateau

Where the only women who interested Lucien Manners, they told Arabella, were long-dead ones--like Cleopatra and Dido and Sappho--none of whom had anything in common with an empty-headed model girl, far too young for her age, whom Lucien described as as "street Arab."  Arabella had better just stop thinking

stranded in Greece with money,
Christine was grateful for the help
of Nicholas Martinos--
but it must stop at gratitude, she told herself firmly.

It was
inevitable that Nick would marry

Lovely Mariga,
Who had known him all his life.         But Christine
found Serena            was almost desperate
"lifelong security" to the successful

It was a move that was to take her to far-off Chile, to a husband she had never met--and to what else?

To make matters worse,

Their host, the powerful and attractive Rory Stevens, had somehow acquired their uncle's property--and refused to say how.

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