Sunday, March 15, 2015


All this took place while I was safely
tucked away dreaming trying to understand
the Flatirons for example who would write
on them who would then erase it

I never found out even forgot about it
until now the "CU" up there plain as day

More like scared to be it feel it
moving underneath the sheets
bed too comfortable head fine
just so when the world is night
it will be so over then this cold
does not last forever shouldn't it
be over already shouldn't it be
done with finished as all resources
this frightening schedule

Why won't they call or at least let
me know--I'm talking about
the poetry people, people with
slick deals as shown in films calling
to say the deals are done made set
in stone no more worries unless

somewhere in a sacred grove
important things are being decided
about my future I give it all up for this
large trees say I've been there spying
when I didn't need to travel that far
to find out the news happening large
focus just enough to know it

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