Monday, March 9, 2015


All that's required:

a mountain with snow
shelter at the base
a small
mysterious lake
watery hikes
paths to follow
while swimming
on skis the sky
in different places

music in the paint
expression searching
for the new smart
entrance at the end
could it be then
repeating ancient
words for each
their faces once
memorized still
familiar years gone
into what is now
left saying something
which could be poetry

or could be an argument
map to the thesis
which would not matter
anymore so pleasing to be
among the brush grasses
of the ecstatic once again

do not use me friend
but let me free I've doctored you
my eyes on the wall seeing
shadows of our conversations

You always won of course
your place up there
mountain is not just one place
but everywhere mountain
everyday mountain surroundings
dry and rocky or cooler and rocky
almost a poet magnet a triangle
dinging away for suppertime
calling them calling the poets
they answer:  chains rattling

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