Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Yesteryear: January

I appreciated that he told his story
to the white tree.  Even though things
were static.  I took them to be positive.
The point was made in order to merge.
To keep him in mind, I simply thought
of an airplane with a song--it tells me
to do another thing be another person.
The travel writer was usually positive
wistful brawling in Nature and out--
all different names except Henry Miller--
gentleness a contradiction documented
exposed an ambassador to the next
generation that had no Embassy
no high walls & security
against the multitudes, exuberance cool,
even slightly melted, crusted over as if disappointed
in its telling.  The old tree with a tough bark,
snappy and bug-eaten.  I wonder now about the
stately mission quest to find a shocking certain real.

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