Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Harlequin Romance Of It All

Our estate
in Siberia where
he spent most of his time
managing the vineyards.
She worked as a teacher
arrogant yet humble.
His eyes were storm-colored.
Janet felt his silence.  Bands of steel.
His silence was sadistic.  She played the fool.
She drank a hot beverage
living on sips of wine all those years.
She found she was in love
with heat
after all.

Tarot cards were never featured
in the plots nor were
characters ever into the occult.
Mostly, they were ravished
even though they were uppity
to begin with.  The landscape
provided no answers.
The men turned into human beings.
Scarves were part of the ensemble.
Marriage a type of graduation.
Jealously came first it was very spicy.

Dots were not always connected
so easily oftentimes it was his brother
not Rouarke himself.  Vehicles
figure into the equation.
His side of the bed stank.  It was
high time for a trip to the Laundromat.
There was no internet to complicate
things further to speed things up
to the point of no return plus
who would take kindly to
Silhouette Editions.

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