Monday, January 28, 2013

Furry Light

Enough to read a newspaper by
shines like a flashlight
from the distance. Yes more
her own personality
under its water
barely a phosphorescent
empire little glances of it
when stirred.

How happy if one counts
happiness by that and they do
and it does I guess its round cheek
is friendly like the nest of pits
freezing blazing framed
by everything true they say
the constellation has changed
somewhat a great loss of more
misunderstanding and trying
to figure out what was said
in the first or second places.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Useful Thing

The important study of Minerals
nodes of the moon
will not be discussed
at the picnic party

where I've taught them
where I teach them
to pull each other's hair. 

What am I doing

here John Ruskin
addicted to the self
turns out to be

my primary dream
to paint or star gaze
into clothes and victuals
always on the mind
in the free time
to be here with you
that embarrassing
like bright lights
in 7-11
sugary salty.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Effect and Cause

It is a cave

out in the square

it is rounded.

You bark

and bite

at me, Diogenes.

I pet your tail.

Scratch at

your cynical itch.


I ate leftovers

to become like you

warm beneath the stars

beside the campfire.


Still, there are

no roses around

their petals

beyond soft

I am a dog to you.

My name is creamy.

Do not leave me

in the pound forever

with its evil smell.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dog In The House Of Tartar

I lived in that house
my whole life
had no idea you
were in the next room.
All along.  I could hear
the distant machine.
See its puffs.  Purple.
All the doors were
open pages brightly lit
what could I do but be
trapped there by the words
you use so freely.

I will think this through forever
know what it is later on
some day like that courtyard
all bare bones.  Yank my chain
but I'm sure it is real now.
Was I supposed to say this?

In the House of Tartar
a creamy place of bravery

Now faced with more fluffy fluff
to deconstruct sit around
examine fluff-n-nutter
quality I accept white trashily.

In the house of Thanatos
Eros lives with Hypnos
the edges sharp
I got a clue about the silence.
There's just a lot more
where that came from
where I am from.

Monday, January 21, 2013


can seem like the sea
its "shore" or what
it bumps up against.

Women see it right away
I think it is called politics.
There is better judgement
but not enough time.

Call me home to whimsy.
I will go there glad
to talk about the islands
where it does exist
far from the main
but oh so concentrated
form surrounding
it's soup too salty
when we're supposed to
deconstruct fluffy fluff
and not swim, swim.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Populace, What Matters Most

Superlative copses
 of the old meander
tangles piled crimson
now used
by stubble-colored hawks
of hawk-colored ditches
 bark-colored bark
who swoop super flat
parallel to the exhaust
the constant math
of  I-5 thermals

feathers fat.
Old farmhouses
sink into the noise
of truck traffic.

Tree farms
their identical voters
 vote for the mountains
the remembered direction
of volcanic slopes.