Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Leaving Friday's Fights Behind

Five scraps at lunch before the lockdown bell
everything pointed to violence last Friday
even two small Freshmen friends this was
after we studied Red Jacket's speech
two movies later Bird Man of Alcatraz
tried American in Paris but dumped it
then settled on The Jackie Robinson Story
but of course had nothing to do with it neither
in class long enough to read the whole title.

Pacific here and now elusive past and future real
what must be the prescription for helping Onkel Hans
after his fall from the ladder last minute we were at
the Metropol meanwhile he was grafting trees
am Bodensee all ribs broken punctured kidney
lung head swelling this hasn't been the first time
flashes of his sweater his Tettnang voice ache
nobody else tending to the apples their trees.

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