Friday, December 6, 2013

I Teach At Walmart

In my mind the threat
in my "unsatisfactory"
ratings any which way
you slice it
shut up
about the job.

Students will take their Common Summative Assessment, "Migration" and also summarize the notes they took on their Icon Map graphic organizers, therefore producing two summaries and challenge questions having to do with elements of persuasion in multiple texts

Students will determine the main ideas or events.

Students will not only answer the prompt questions but will also consider what we have been studying about rhetorical questioning and its use in persuasive writing and oratory texts such as Patrick Henry's "Speech in the Virginia Convention."

3C: Engaging Students in Learning:  Unsatisfactory

3B: Using Questioning / Prompts and Discussion:  Unsatisfactory 

2B: Establishing a Culture for Learning:  Unsatisfactory


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