Monday, September 30, 2013

Olden Thesis

Not new but newish best describes
the idea of it I'm not quite sure if
that's what you meant with all the layers
my thoughts are negative that way
but interesting what was uncovered
people slept on what else to do
during a disaster that's where I'd be
curled up thinking up until the last
of you and your ways how to understand
even the edges and the gifts I saw
for a short time in all that dusty jumble.

I could go there I mean to that place
and live there and dig or watch it dug.
What would I understand? Would it be
what I had always wanted thought about?
Would I understand myself and everyone
better or would it just be another scene
of spirits lurking around missing everyone
everything they worked so hard to notice
get noticed loved examined off the hook.

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