Tuesday, August 6, 2013

These Are Important

The first one is the data profile
plan historical information
for the academic plan the next tab
is the monitor tab.  It has data
on the students. The problem is that
it includes students who are here
and those who drop out. Suppose
he leaves the school the next day.
The data stays in the whole year.
Operations is different.  Only data
in the school now.  Only at this time
the time it goes in.  See the difference?
This is where you're going to get scores
math and language arts. I'll show you that
in a second.  Data quality this shows where
the arrows are. I think it means they typed
the wrong keys. You won't be using this tab
much. OK I'm going to get started. How we
are going to generate questions. What questions
can we ask? The search for data in the system
begins with a focused inquiry question.

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