Monday, March 25, 2013

Suit Up

And show up
as they say round the circles
somewhere off that avenue
the view of the ferry? something?
the call to earn the pride in little
of it  not lasting  past the Space Needle
I wandered around there once
when I met Hank and saw
where he worked in an office
with an espresso machine
in full view of the enormous grey
we walked to a cafe where I was hated
he had moved on after all my hair like Cher's
he said but blond my clothes not grungy enough
but too tight there in the wet Northwest
in between digging down in the old ash
my inner compass pointed past Missoula
to Tina's closet of Hawaiian shirts
I was forever uncouth my animals forever
Boulder forever Eugene forever Umpqua
a dry dream a volcanic investigation
on file a report for the boss who never quit
even with tons of down time and no commute.

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