Friday, March 15, 2013

Grudge Against The Standards

I began to have a pretty heavy grudge against the standards.  They controlled my life pretty immensely. I had to show them who was boss, much like the guy in Dog Whisperer.  The only thing was this--somehow, whispering for them to go away wasn't enough and ignoring them didn't help, either.  I wished for another chance to have them be at my mercy instead of me being dragged around more of their unrelenting interpretations.

One standard circled round and around.  It had been special ordered from the Southern Hemisphere, thus, the impulse to go counter-clockwise, or was it clockwise?  Another, well, some had found out that it had been shipped from so far away.  A cute bow clipped onto its mane did not help the situation.

One kept biting viciously.  I guess it is good when they don't get ahead of you so then they know who is in charge.

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