Monday, February 25, 2013

Rolled Into One

My day began a few minutes ago, actually, a half an hour ago and here I am.  I am in the middle of people struggling to get their work finished, their hopes and dreams fulfilled in a way that will be useful to them.  Who am I here?  Who is this giigi person (made up word).

When I first began revising, it was about my spelling.  Teachers would revise my spelling and I was embarrassed. 

Spelling is a loud voice. 

When I think of propaganda, I think of government documents, persuading people about ideas.  O.K., to try to get them to do things or try things.  It sounds organized and to the point.  It is somehow dangerous when it is wrong.  Often, it is repeated and related in a loud voice--in a forceful way.  Sometimes, it can be used for good.  It can be used to heal or help.  Sometimes people cannot be organized quickly without this.

Sometimes I think I am a cliche.  So typical.  What I want, what I think, where I want it.  Words bind me.

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