Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dog In The House Of Tartar

I lived in that house
my whole life
had no idea you
were in the next room.
All along.  I could hear
the distant machine.
See its puffs.  Purple.
All the doors were
open pages brightly lit
what could I do but be
trapped there by the words
you use so freely.

I will think this through forever
know what it is later on
some day like that courtyard
all bare bones.  Yank my chain
but I'm sure it is real now.
Was I supposed to say this?

In the House of Tartar
a creamy place of bravery

Now faced with more fluffy fluff
to deconstruct sit around
examine fluff-n-nutter
quality I accept white trashily.

In the house of Thanatos
Eros lives with Hypnos
the edges sharp
I got a clue about the silence.
There's just a lot more
where that came from
where I am from.

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