Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Google Schurz

Google Earth

Going on Google Earth to see the Rez again.  I could not find our house but something that looked like an abandoned parking lot—the state of Nevada?  But then I travelled with the mouse over the hills toward Yerington, toward where Wovoka was born and the feeling I got was a lot like the feeling I had wanted way back then. 
Googled Oregon, up the Umpqua, looking for Toketee Lake.  I can only picture it now, how it was last summer, refreshing when I swam there.  Moon at the tent.
Mr. Schuh, Carol Alpert. Thank you.  My teachers there.  Tom Connolly, Mrs. Worell, Jackie (Lamb), sweet teachers in Missoula.  Mr. Connolly let me and Shawna come in late after lunch, asked us which was more important:  experience or imagination?  I thought experience
back then.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dear Bill and Melinda (Gates),

Please visit my classroom
at your earliest convenience.
Please be our guest speakers

maybe talk a little about gadgets
their use and misuse
about tests and testing
about teachers and their Q
You will need
pepper spray (just in case), lots of pens and pencils (the students don't bring their own), earplugs (but if you are used to hearing fuck off, fuck you, bitch, cunt, you could go sans, go insane) and I suppose some computers would be usefully distracting

and you might need to bring some spare change
for the students
besides the 75 mil for the state
you might be asked if they can 'borrow' some
this, the only amount they will see 
because many do not use their free meal card/bus pass/I.D.
it has been lost
the cafeteria is not entered
at all for most
because they are talking to their friends
well, fighting or filming the fights
with cell phones &
oh yes, there might be a need
for thick skin, a steely gaze
to go with a firm yet caring smile
when the School Design Team, Principal,
On Site School Review Team, and District
come in to check
the current

centerpiece of the Macrohard universe.