Monday, April 30, 2012

The Eighth "C" (Creepy)

Will the Real Administrator Please Stand Up?

Teachers are begging: just a peek at the test!  Please
so I may drill
as a dentist would
into their minds
the seven Cs
Because I'm drowning
Drowning in the Seven Cs
They are not
Caution, Creativity, Craziness, Craving,
Cramming, California or Colorado.
No, they are not.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Found Object

This is a musical instrument made on Neptune.  It is dark inside and there are sounds of gold miners making their way to the dredges inside--to the fields--they are carrying heavy packs but laugh at their burdens.  They are as rich as they'll ever be.

This depicts a wolf with white legs or white stockings.  The wolf holds a continent next to his belly.  I remembered his name some time ago.  His name was Bohemia.

This is a doorknob from off the captain's quarters on a pirate ship--this is a round version of a flat world that sinks into the galaxy's teeth like a flat pizza.

What happens next is that I remember going to the store and finding nothing like it ever again.  A draft has opened my door and I wonder if it is the apparition I felt/saw last night while sleeping.

Something creeped around me in the bed, sniffing.  It was small and harmless and then it crouched down on my chest.  It was a black and white cat.  Was it there to tell me to sleep peacefully, that all was well with everything? 

Richard Brautigan's Please Plant This Book weighing heavily on my mind.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lead Me Deceive Me

The dregs of the day unfold in a silly way.  Too many educators and not enough education.  The students smarter than I am, solutions at their fingertips.  Impatient when I speak out loud.  Words. They are spoken too slowly, there is too much listening.  Delete the verbose.  Delete the verb.  If this essay told you a secret about itself, what would it whisper?  

Monday, April 2, 2012

Mission: Unlikely

Cooking up trouble has become my middle name.  Especially with the meetings.  Foggy shapes corrode memory as only endless meetings can.  It has become the norm to do nothing and then when one is tired of this the bell rings.  Same at the meetings.  Any move toward aliveness or being alive or action is taken as a threat by the group.   All of the members shift toward the drunk silver back, the one with a loud voice and words.  It must be illegal, somewhere.  My own taxes are going to this.