Sunday, November 25, 2012

Who The Bleep Is Tom Clark, Part II

Who The Bleep Is Tom Clark, Part II

I could get a bleep reading most blogs but Tom Clark is ever surprising, and almost apologetic about blogging.  He creates another surprising post, just when you thought he was finis or when he sounds like he'd just as soon find a nice, warm A.T.M. space to crawl into and hide from the elements, there he is--with a new book!  It has photographs by Carl Mydans and text by Tom Clark. 

Tom Clark, In the Shadow of the Capitol (Pataphysics Books, Melbourne, 2012).  It is hardcover and easy to order using Paypal.  I can't wait to look at it and read Clark's words without the glitzy illumination of the screen. 

Also out is the Collected Poems by Edward Dorn, edited by Jennifer Dunbar Dorn (Carcanet Press, Manchester, 2012).  It includes a forward by Jennifer Dunbar Dorn. 

I already informed my U.K. contacts about the star-studded evening launching this book at the upscale Times Bookshop in London next week.  Other jet setters I may have forgotten:  make a beeline to this in order to get your copy signed.  Check out Carcanet's website for information and R.S.V.P.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Walmart Brothers and Sisters I Stand By You

It clunks, it thunks.  Stop work rule.  Work to the law. 
Something like this.  Not an extra drop until teachers get their due.
What would that be?  Hawaii Teachers, calling all teachers!
Rise up against shabby, abusive treatment.  Work to the hour, only.
Can you do it?  Can you stand by your striking Walmart brothers and sisters?
It can be done!  Try it?  Try it now! 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Friday, November 9, 2012

Teacher Little Walmart Teacher

Walmart, Coke, McDonald's.
Hawaii, how much longer
will you stand for this?  Are you
preparing little minds for more?
What is it when one
just can't win?  Or seem to win
or seem to stay afloat
or even breathe easily
for a few moments
there are more to replace you.
Your ideas too expansive
too dangerously expensive.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Who the Bleep Is Tom Clark?

Who the bleep is Tom Clark?  Is he shaman, psychic, or soothsayer?  What is his blog, Tom Clark Beyond the Pale?  Is it a poetry advice column, a wishing well, a poetry encyclopedia?  What the bleep is going on there?  Is Clark the Wizard of Pale?  I mean, beyond that.  Past.  Just one click and your life can change.  It does.  Order his books, study his words; learn more than you ever thought you could.  You’ll become an addict as you read about mummies, kickshaws, sleepwalkers, Los Angeles, the Fur Trade, and so many animals, plants, birds, and landscapes and their poets that your head will spin off its axis.  Then, it will find its center, still wobbling a bit.  Thanks, Mr. Clark; I could’ve used a V-8 except all the salt scares me.  Clark’s poetry and other works; biographies of Beat era poets, criticism, and stint as editor for Paris Review lend pizzazz and verve to an often bleak contemporary poetry landscape of copycats and ivory tower junkies.  Along with writing partner Angelica Heinegg Clark, Tom Clark has generously stepped up the pulse of American poetry over the course of the past couple of years.  These two are not sitting back, resting on their laurel-strewn rocking chairs.  Pitching years at a mean 70+,  the Clarks are calling out the shots, letting rookies into the field to warm-up (and occasionally start) as they lovingly and expertly toss you the ball, right where your eyes should be, too.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Teacher Disobedience Disorder: Diagnosis and Cure

Teacher Disobedience Disorder

Creeps up when you least expect.
Can sometimes be used to advantage.
Eliminates the burdensome element of surprise.
Is often misdiagnosed.
Begins in the mind of a teacher.
Often reported and toyed with by administrators, Race To The Toppers.
Caused by data-drivens.

Is being studied by Texas Instruments, IBM and Microsoft.
Apple is still in question.
The pagentry of education
did not happen by accident, coincidence.
The culture of poverty parades itself
in front of the data.