Wednesday, October 31, 2012

End of October Poetry

The moon dips out of the water.
Moon.  Early riser. Windy moon.
Warm moon.  Breezy air.  A song
presses together.  Over the waves.


  1. Lovely. I want to be there.

  2. The nice surprise of "dips out of the water", when of course, in God's great ordering of things, things are supposed to dip into things, not out of them, reminds us, out here in the great sad penumbra of the endarkened mainland, that Susan is a remarkably gifted writer. "A song/presses together" confirms this confirmation.

    While we're on Confirmation, it suddenly hits me that my Confirmation Partner, in the hushed rehearsals leading up to and indeed in the actual event itself (the Confirmation I mean) had one of those few names that have survived the recent catastrophic blow to the Mastoid Process.

    Two words.

    First word. Queen of Denmark.

    Second word. Maker of Band-Aids.