Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Learning Targets

1.  Break them apart into smaller categories interchanged with similar terms from other lists.
2.  Scramble and jumble into a comlex set that is a game of Memory, a pile of Chance cards, a robotic Tarot deck.
3.  Don't eat too much salt or consume too much caffeine.  Your face will look like a pillow in no time.
4.  The students fall in the middle part of the Venn diagram.  That is their learning. 
5.  They fall between the targets, between the categories with their dead uncles, sick moms and absent dads.  They are hungry but don't eat their Title One food, would rather smooch by the stairwell than ever enter the caf' they are starstruck by new sneakers and fights they film to review on their phones.  What would happen if the thing in H.D.'s poem came true?  If all of Greece hated Helen so much in their utimate worship of her?  What would happen if this would really be read in the morning announcements?  Would the world exist?  What would happen to the wireless?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Once and for All

Today's Casualties:

Two students left out of Teenbiz.  Reason:  trip to the bathroom derailed by social obligations at the drinking fountain.

Students left out of career presentation:  10.  Reason:  shyness peer pressure.
Senior students without a plan for next year:  35.  Reason:  family.
     I began the day with the usual rituals and soon fell prey to vog.  The nearby volcano makes the residents ill.   It feels like perpetual jet lag or else waking up after being stung by bees.  Hot black tea with honey helps, also, plunging into the ocean repeatedly and pretending nothing is happening also helps.  Unfortunately, when on duty, this is all nearly impossible.  Dickenson, Harjo, Blake, Poe.