Thursday, November 10, 2011

Time Log Lag

A Lag Occurred

It was nevertheless a form of happiness that I dug into.  The book about my teacher could finally be read.  I had been avoiding it these nine years, my personality more in the making than I'd like to admit.

The above can not possibly be understood without detecting a slight shift in the mood of my current project.  It is about asking permission that I will never receive.  So, in order to proceed, it is just that which is required--slogging on ahead.  At work, in my role as teacher, I blocked insults left and right.  The usual ones and the not so usual ones.  Stop bullying now came from my lips at just the right time.  Another thing I said was that I was married and far to old to __ __ck.  Fill in the blank.  It is my favorite comeback although is a crazy risk to say, after all.  After all that has happened.

What do I miss most about Montana?  another detective recently asked.  I could only think fast enough to say the cold air.  I did not mention his green eyes, straw hair, long legs and then white teeth.  When I hear "Montana" I think of Hank and Hank only.  Oh, where o where did I put my wedding ring?

1 comment:

  1. No one's ever old enough or too old, all risks are and aren't worth taking.

    To be a teacher detective -- that sounds like a noble calling.

    To be doing your detective work in Hawaii -- ah, sigh!