Saturday, October 29, 2011

Horses, Eggs, Questions re: Ye Olde Pacing Guide

Yesterday was another mystery but it came in the form of questions by the young people sitting in bunches of chairs in front of my very eyes.  They seemed expectant and yearing for the unknown.  After watching a film about Sea Biscuit, a famous animal athlete, their questions were such: 

What if horses laid eggs?
Why do wasps eat each other?

It was high school, true, therefore I was not wholly expected to answer their questions but to admire their attempts to verbalize.  Anything. 

Sea Biscuit had nothing to prove.  He was the richest horse in history.  There was only so much expensive hay he could eat.  After watching his life story four or five times, I saw that my own life was a series of races as well.  The race to solve mysteries.  Pegasus probably did not lay eggs in the old mythology but that could be changed.  Wasps?  Their cruelty towards one another?  I reminded the young minds about the mammals surrounding our very lives.  Ourselves.

Another day leaving no stone unturned, no child behind.  My student loan paid for another thirty days.

1 comment:

  1. Those are hard questions indeed.

    Had Seabiscuit laid an egg, surely it would have been golden.

    Perhaps the wasps are wiser than we know, and simply sparing one another the indignity of intubation.

    (Your students, I think, are fortunate to have you.)